Mobile Phones

You live in Kenya and you want the latest mobile phone that’s available on the market. You want to get the best phone so you can tell your friends proudly which phone you own. You don’t want to be left behind when your friends are taking those neat selfies with the latest smartphone cameras. Sometimes, people are so excited about only a specific set of features that they completely forget the biggest features that make a phone good or bad. You might get the features you want but if those crucial features are missing, you will still regret your purchase.

You can get the best mobile phones in Kenya that the giant companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei etc. have introduced but the list of things given below has to be with you in order to ensure a great purchase.

Kenyan mobile phone


The Battery


There will be literally thousands of different types of mobile phones in Kenya available on any local website. They will offer the latest and the greatest but you will be in deep trouble if you don’t give much attention to the battery. You would buy your phone based on how amazing of a camera it has but you will be badly disappointed when your phone dies in the middle of recording. Most modern phones are now recording videos in 4K resolution that occupies tons of space on your phone.

Furthermore, the displays on smartphones are getting brighter and brighter. If you compare the mobile phones that have recently launched in 2016, they all have displays bright enough to be clearly visible on the sunniest day possible. You don’t have to cover the face of the phone with your hand anymore to make the screen visible. However, such bright displays drain your battery like liquid coming out of a perforated barrel. How can you even enjoy taking pictures when you know your phone is going to die within the next 1 hour? Choose a phone with big battery to avoid this issue.

MicroSD Card Feature

Is a microSD card really that important in the latest mobile phones when the phones are already coming with 32GB to 128GB of internal storage? Of course, microSD card slot is so important that Samsung was harshly criticized last year for removing this option from its Galaxy S6. The criticism was so strong that Samsung had to bring back the option on S7. The thing with a microSD card is that it offers you more memory in addition to the one you already have on your phone. You can keep your personal favorite stuff on your external card and the rest of the content on internal memory.

People want to keep a backup of their personal data and there is nothing better than an SD card for that. In addition to that, you can put an SD card into a digital camera when you are taking pictures at a party or wedding. You can’t do that with your smartphone. Even if your phone refreshes as a result of an accident your data on the SD card will still be safe whereas the data on your phone might disappear. Lastly, moving your data from one phone to another is as easy as removing your microSD card from your old phone and slapping it into your new phone.

If you already have a microSD card on your current phone and you are thinking of moving to a new phone, make sure you pick one with the card slot. Otherwise your card will go to waste and get misplaced in some time. There are all the amazing mobile phones in Kenya not only from the giant companies but from makers from other countries too. Most new phones from the big companies now have microSD card slot due to its popularity. Be careful when you are picking a phone from other makers.

Cool Chipset

For this particular feature you will have to look into the reviews of mobile phones. A phone maker will always call its product the best product but that’s not always the case. An important thing to know here is that most Android phones from the big companies don’t have their own processors and chipsets. These parts are made by third party companies like Qualcomm. The company making the smartphone cannot make many claims on how its processor performs because the processor is not its product.

The reviews on mobile phones in Kenya will give you an idea about the perspective of the local audience on various phones. Certain processors are notorious for getting too hot compared to their previous and later versions. For example, the Snapdragon 810 processor is infamous for getting too hot. All the phones that have this particular processor get really hot when you play games on them. However, if you don’t do much heavy gaming and tasking on your mobile phones, this processor will be fine for you too.

The Display Protection

This particular feature should be given attention more by people who like to carry their phones naked. Many people would get a glass protector on their phones to protect the screen not only from breakage due to falls but scratches too. If you are shopping for mobile phones from this and past year, you don’t have to worry much about the little scratches from keys and coins on your phone’s screen. It is because the latest phones are using Corning Gorilla glass 4 to protect their displays.

This particular glass is very strong and can resist scratches from keys and coins pretty easily. However, if your phone has an old glass protection or a plastic protection on the screen, you can expect it to get scratched very easily. Even the smallest scrub from the rivet on your denim pants while pulling out the mobile phone from your pocket can result in a huge mark on your screen when the glass is not strong and scratch resistant. If your phone does not have the latest glass protection on it already, make sure to get a separate glass protector.

Protective Accessories

While the people who sell accessories can play around with glass protectors and make one phone’s glass protector fit on another phone, they can’t do that with cases and sleeves. As mentioned above, you can buy almost any mobile phone in Kenya from literally hundreds of brands. It is not that there are only a handful of phone companies known to this region. However, you will not always find the accessories for all these phones. Some companies are new or so rarely known that you don’t find the accessories of those phones in the market.

So, you could end up buying a great phone but without the protective case or back case you will not feel comfortable with the phone. Even a slight fall from a height of 3 feet can cause a huge damage to the corners and edges of your phone without a protective case. Not to mention, only the case designed for your phone can fit on it. There is no way you can fit the case of another phone on yours. Therefore, make sure the accessories of your phone are available in the market before you make the purchase.

The Front Camera

Most phones boast a great back camera today. Some phones have great megapixel counts and others are increasing the size of their sensor to get more light into the camera to get great shots even in bad light. However, some phones can ignore the importance of a front camera. They either don’t have the front camera or have a very disappointing front camera. IPhone SE is the best mobile phone from Apple with a 4-inch display. However, Apple has been only generous enough to put a 1.2MP front camera on this new phone that has disappointed many selfie lovers.

While some people are really hateful of selfies, there is no denial that selfies have become quite a thing in the recent years. Even if you don’t like to take selfies all the time you have to take a few good photos that you can put on your Facebook and other social networking profiles. A great front camera with at least screen flash option has to be a must on any phone today. When you are looking for your favorite mobile phone in Kenya make sure you don’t skip on this particular option.

The IR Blaster

This option has been given place at the end because it is not something that everyone wants. But it can be a great addition for people who like to watch TV regularly. The IR blaster allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control. Not only does it serve as a remote control for your TV but it also controls your DVD player, air conditioner, TV top box etc. The least expensive and cheap mobile phones in Kenya will not offer this option most of the times. Samsung has also skipped it but LG phones still get the praise for having IR blaster feature on them.