Creative D200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Creative Labs is an audio company known for high quality computer speakers, and as the market shift from wired speakers to Bluetooth portable speakers, they turn their efforts to making quality wireless speakers. Bluetooth technology has opened the way for various mobile devices to stream audio wirelessly. These wireless devices include smartphones, MP3 players, laptops and even modern desktop computers are now Bluetooth-enabled. This makes Bluetooth speakers the more viable choice in the market. That’s why their newest bid in the Bluetooth speaker’s arena is the Creative D200.

It’s compact and weighs at 3.6 pounds and has a simpler but stylish design – it only has a cloth to cover for the speaker drivers unlike the JBL Flip 4 which has aluminum grills on the front. Although, the speaker shell has a glossy black finish, but you may need to polish this speaker from time to time, because it can easily acquire smudges and fingerprints.

Does It Have A Good Design?

If you’re looking at the Creative D200 from a distance, you will notice its simple and understated design. It resembles a small center-channel speaker which is common among home-theater systems. It also has an auxiliary mini-jack input, which is used for connective other non-Bluetooth audio devices. You will also find the power button, volume controls and the requisite Bluetooth button. When you want to pair the speaker with other mobile devices, you simply hold the Bluetooth button for a few seconds till you see a blue light that flashes – this indicates that it’s already in pairing mode.

Is It Easy To Pair With Other Mobile Devices?

Your smartphone, laptop, tablets or any portable media player can stream music into this speaker at a maximum range of 30 feet. If you want to control the volume or change the track, you can use the mobile device to remotely control your music. In case someone calls you on your phone, the music automatically pauses; it then starts again if you end the call. However, the Creative D200 has no speakerphone capability which is a common feature in most Bluetooth speakers nowadays.

What about Its Audio Performance?

This Bluetooth speaker is surprisingly loud and capable enough to fill a small to medium-size room. Although its bass is not deep enough but for its price – it’s more than a bargain. Compared to other wireless speakers on the market, the D200 can perform well in the midrange and is good at playing ballads and acoustics. But don’t expect too much when you’re playing bass-heavy materials like hip-hop and techno music.

Another noteworthy feature is the apt-X, it’s a codec specifically designed for Creative devices.
The apt-X is known to improve the quality of music being transmitted to the speaker. Creative claims that the music produced in a speaker with an apt-X codec is at par with CD quality sound. However, this will still depend on the quality of your source.


  •  Above average sound performance
  • Integrated with apt-X codec that can improve audio quality
  • Simple to pair
  • Solid connection without any signs of dropping
  • Powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers


  •  It doesn’t have a  speakerphone capability
  • No battery option


Final Verdict – Good quality audio but won’t break your budget.

Creative D200 is a decent Bluetooth speaker to have and not as expensive as other portable speakers on the market. The only gripe I have with the D200 is the lack of battery option, which means this speaker is not so portable after all – it’s only a Bluetooth speaker, plain and simple.